In less than ten minutes these two videos show a horse going from OVERREACTING to UNDER REACTING. Photos like this one show a moment of a horse overreacting but the videos below actually show a horse going through the training to make the transition to thinking…a balance between over and under reacting.

This is a HUGE moment for the horse and it is one that I think many people miss. Can you see where when he ‘ignores’ me or gets dull, someone who is frustrated could have pushed him hard and fast?

If you only see one thing from these clips I hope it is the physical and emotional link. The horse physically slows down when he mentally begins to think instead of react. It is pretty amazing that it is caugh on video!

There was no training unshown between section 7 and 8. Also if you want to see more of the transformation you can go back and watch what has been done up to this point.

I should have released section 7 and 8 together so I am going to put them both in this post.