On one of our trips from Texas to Ohio we stopped at a truck stop near Joplin, MO and visited the Caribou Coffee. We each took turns writing our summer Caribou Coffeeplans on the board…and I drew our logo just to ‘leave our mark’.

Memorial Day generally kicks off the summer season with our horses. Does it with yours? What plans do you have? Will you show or trail ride or go for a drive in a cart? Will you be inspired and start your first colt or will you schedule time to take your old pal for a ride even though you haven’t for the last couple of years?

Maybe you have a destination you have always dreamed of going; riding on the beach somewhere or riding an Icelandic in Iceland!

I have kicked off my summer already by showing Newt and Jac as well as doing some trail riding here in Texas. I want to ride at a few different state parks over the summer (any suggestions?) as well as riding the trails in PA and ME. I would also like to visit at least one ‘horse camp ground’ where they have trails, arenas and cabins to stay in…again, any suggestions?

Here’s to a happy, horsey summer.