“I have probably a silly question, coming from another breed/discipline. Never thought of doing stops before I watched Stacy with Jac. When Stacy emphasized some of Jacs physical qualities, I was encouraged thinking about my horse’s ability to try it. My Paso Fino has a really good build on him (lots of Andalusian closer in his bloodline).
So anyway, whats the difference between a sliding stop and a short stop (and any other kinds of stops)?
I don’t mind sounding silly too much, I guess 😉 :p     Rebecca”

All horses can stop…physical ability will determine the finesse and the style. The only real difference between a short stop and a sliding stop is style and intensity which is why it is possible to see amazing ‘sliding stops’ with horses running free in the pasture.

Imagine if you were driving a vehicle down the road and came to a sign that told you to stop and back ten feet. If you were driving a little electric car vs driving a dump truck or a Ferarri…. all could perform this ‘maneuver’ but they would have different styles.

I suggest teaching all horses to stop well. In my “Whoa” video I show three separate cues that I teach to stop a horse…and they are also the key to my ability to ride bridleless. I also wrote a blog that featured a part Saddlebred to slide like a reiner and she tells how she achieved this. Often the biggest problem that people have with stopping their horse is that the horse was never fully trained to halt and back up well.

Again, it isn’t the breed as much as the amount of heart and the physical build that will determine how much slide you get.