Horses=Barn=Cat…at least it did for us.

Kids and kittens

Westfall boys and a friend with the barn kittens.

While planning our move, one of the big questions has been; what do we do with the barn cat? What would be best for her?

Do we leave the cat with the house? It is where she was born…where she has always lived…is that what she would want?

Or is taking her with us an option? How often will we move? Will constant moving increase her odds of running away or getting lost?

Or is there someone we would trust? Someone who would want her and care for her…maybe someone who could make her a house cat?

These were the questions we had no solid answers to until today. We kept running through them because nothing felt right…until…

My mom came to during layover

And then all of the pieces began to fit together. It started as a joke, mom flying home with a cat, lol, I’ve never seen a cat on an airplane. Can you fly a cat?

Mom called to find out.

Yes, you can fly with a cat as a carry on for $125 as long as they can fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you. But only six pets are allowed per flight and mom’s airline wouldn’t sell a ticket before the day of the flight because she didn’t book it when buying her tickets.

This left us wondering…what happens if you arrive carrying your cat and…there is a cat convention and all the spots are sold? I guess we will be driving around the airport until we know!

But is Maine the best place? Don’t get me wrong, I totally trust my mom, but how will the cat adjust? Would she be happier staying here? One more call to the new home owners gave us the answer; they would allow the cat to stay but they weren’t really cat people.

Our cat is a people cat.

This won’t work. I was soooo glad they were honest, much better than an unhappy cat.

I sounded like an idiot calling my small animal vet, “Um, I know what it is called for horses…do you do health papers for cats to fly? Are they called health papers?”

Yes and yes.

“Someone recommended drugging the cat? Do you recommend that?” Martha Stewart cat carrier

We scheduled an appointment with the vet and went shopping for an airline approved cat carrier (still praying the cat could get a ticket)

Who knew Martha Stewart had the perfect airline sized carrier?

The trip to the vet gave us a test ride in the cat carrier which includes a tether strap…probably for those pesky feline bullets that shoot out when opening the door. Not our cat, she just peeked out.

Now we had a cat carrier, health papers, practice in the carrier, a prescription to relax the cat….but no ticket.

The worst part was probably the drive to the airport this morning and the suspense of wondering if the cat would be allowed to fly. The cat was looking even more calm than normal thanks to half of the little pill the vet had given us. I joked that maybe mom should take the other half, not knowing if the cat would be allowed was haunting her.

But they did. Mom had to take her out of the crate and carry her through the scanner. No problem. All the training the boys had done had paid off.

Today our cat, who had never been further than the vets office from our house, headed to the airport in Ohio, had a layover in Pennsylvania, and arrived safely in Maine.

Mom, or Nene as the boys call her, even thought to take old PJ’s that smell like the boys…which the cat is now sleeping on. Now that’s a cat person!

cat in Maine

The barn cat who flew from Ohio, to PA, to Maine!

Cat in new place sleeping on old PJ's that smell like the boys....

Cat in new place sleeping on old PJ’s that smell like the boys….