The food I was cooking tonight.

“What’s a day like living in your rv with Jesse, and the kids? What do u eat, do make your own food? Like crockpot meals? What are some of your recipes? (u look great by the way) Do u workout? u play games? And the horses do they get to play?” -Paula D.

Living in the motor home isn’t much different than living in our house was, just a lot more mobile. The difficulty, and fun at times,  is that we don’t really have typical days. In the last week for example I had two days that my kids had standardized testing, I rode horses, met with my web designer, shopped at Congress, attended phone conferences and one face to face conference in Indiana, got health papers for the horses, and drove to PA. Add blogging, email and other ‘office work’ to all these days.

A closer look at today: wake at 6 am, work online, pack up motor home and horses (everyone fed themselves breakfast), on the road by 9 am, business call on hands free device while driving, lunch in the motor home (PB&J for me, chicken patties for everyone else…it was fend for yourself again), kids did school work while we drove, on road until 6 pm, settle horses into horse hotel, cooked dinner (tacos, rice, three bean chili…yep, leftovers for tomorrow), computer work (it is 9:50 right now)…

We don’t eat much fast food anymore, we have traveled for so many years that even the boys don’t want it anymore. We like nice restaurants but we eat at ‘home’ more because it saves money, is healthier, and often is better. I like cooking with leftovers as part of the plan. I cook runners waffles from scratch and freeze them for quick and healthy breakfast.

horse hotel

We are parked just outside the horse motel tonight.

Most of my exercise is horse related but I try to do yoga a couple times a week, I would like to do more but…

I don’t really enjoy many games, I’m not sure why but I never have. I did get bronchitis one winter and was restricted to inside only. I conquered the video game ‘Pikman’ at all levels. That was years ago and I haven’t played anything since. Everyone else here like to play games:)

Our horses get out to play a lot unless we are at a show where they don’t have the facilities. We left Congress October 12th and our horses have only been ridden a few times and have spent most of their time turned out. We are headed to Maine right now where they will stay mostly in my moms pasture.

It is 10:40 pm now and are parked outside the horse motel we stopped at. Tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way to Maine. Right now I need to brush my teeth, do some yoga stretches and go to bed. Thanks for the questions…keep them coming!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.31.27 PM

The game I conquered all levels of the winter I had bronchitis.