I am pleased to see the activity around this idea. The question was asked about what withdrawals I make and if I just spend time with my horses. Yes and yep!

I did a post back in March http://stacywestfallhorseblog.com/2012/03/03/training-horses-while-at-horse-shows-preserving-your-horse-in-the-show-ring/ that is on this subject but wasn’t exactly explained the same way. The idea of this post, rephrased for this one, is that often when I show my horses I am making withdrawals. In the case of the show where I hesitated longer, etc I was actually making deposits while I was showing.

This post, http://stacywestfallhorseblog.com/2012/04/28/866/, includes a photo shot from on Popcorn’s back. It was during a time when I was not actively ‘putting money in the bank’. It was a time when my mind naturally wants to think that we are on a plateau….but I have decided that there are no plateaus so I know that I am ever so slightly headed down. How much? Probably not more than the amount of interest your bank account eats when your not paying attention. And how much does it matter? Well, if you have lost of money loosing a few cents doesn’t make much of a change. The less money you have in the bank the more you notice it.

When I was growing up I pretty much just trail rode and didn’t know much. When I started learning how to train there was a period of a few years where I found it difficult to trail ride and enjoy it (it always seemed like there was a problem to fix) but I am happy to report that I am now over that problem (look for the post on June 7th for more info on how I overcame this).

AND my favorite stuff with horses is the stuff many won’t believe; I like cleaning stalls, feeding horses and hearing them munch hay, had grazing a horse that is excited about the grass, etc. Even my favorite memory of Roxy is how she would cock her head like a dog listening for something as she waited for me to feed her-not exactly what you might expect given everything else we did together.