How would you finish this sentence?

Over the years I have had several concerned owners tell me their plans or ask for my advice…but in most cases I think that the issue goes largely undiscussed.

About a month ago I met a man who had recently bought a very nice, very well trained horse from a boarding barn. He had stopped by the barn on another matter and the barn owner mentioned that she was selling a ‘western’ horse. This man rode western. The owner of the horse had died a few months prior and her family members had never been involved. The family asked the boarding faculty to please sell the horse to pay for the board. The board bill had been current until the ladies unexpected death. For two months board the horse was sold.

When I die, I want my horses to….What would happen to your horses if you were to die today?

Every situation is going to vary so greatly that it is impossible to say what the ‘right’ answer is, except, I do know that it will be easier on those left behind if they have some idea of what they should do.

In the example above the family members didn’t realize that the horse was actually worth much more than two months board. The horse was also boarded in a barn that specialized in a different discipline…so they also didn’t know how to value the horse. Add to that the trauma of a death in the family and it is easy to see how this could happen.

Some people are surrounded by family members that are involved in the horse industry and would likely be able to step in and help make decisions but not every one is.  If your family isn’t very involved then please consider making your wishes known.

During my career I have had owners ask me if they could leave their valuable show horse to me in their will. 

I also know of another woman who designated a portion of her life insurance to the continued care of her horses should she suddenly die.

I also know of a lady who has left instructions for her two horses to be euthanized upon her death.

Everyone has a different thought on what they would like to see happen….or at least a clear picture of what they would NOT like to see happen. 

Death is a tough subject for anyone to talk about but in almost all cases it is better to be open and clear with your wishes far before the information is actually needed.