You may have heard that we sold our house. Many of you have questions like:

“What will happen to Jac?” (he will come with me)

“Will you still blog?” (yes, and it might even get more exciting)

And “Where are you going?” (this one is a bit more complicated)

We are going to try living nomadically for awhile.

I know we are heading to TX in Feb for a few months but after that we are pretty

house viewwide open to ideas! Visiting friends in PA…visiting CO…really, we are not sure.

Dani on Facebook sent the suggestion to visit  Salt Creek Ranch in Vail Valley…CO. Wow. Sounds like a fun place to visit!

Colorado ranch


While we have some ideas in mind we are still open to ideas and suggestions. So if you have any thoughts feel free to leave a comment below. We will likely be traveling with six horse and WILL have three kids too!