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This is our home on the web. In the real world, we live in Loudonville, Ohio. We both train horses and teach people about horsemanship. In my opinion, both of those terms are rather vague but I have chosen them as a starting point. We have to start somewhere so lets jump right in. 

We are teachers of both horses and people. We have a heart for teaching and for those who want to learn. The internet is huge and the amount of information at your fingertips is amazing. Knowing this, I have a few recommendations for you. 

If you are new to us, our training methods and our theories, I would recommend that you get to know us through the large amount of free information we have available. The reason I have published so much content for free is because I believe that you should know, like and trust us before you consider purchasing anything. This increase success for both of us, it creates a win-win situation, which is a core value that we have. Creating win-win-win situations is possible. Let me give you a tour!  

2) Still free…but more structured.

If you like what you have read and want to learn more about our philosophies, still completely for free, consider signing up for my weekly email series. Once a week, on Tuesday, you will receive a short, thought provoking, educational piece of content. This is stuff that I haven’t published anywhere else. Sign up for free, unsubscribe any time.

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Like video? I’ve got that covered too.

My YouTube channel has over 200 videos on it ranging from silly to serious. Random to structured series.

Check it out.

Not sure where to start? The silly fun stuff shows my personality. You could check out:

For a more serious look at what our methods produce check out these:

To learn more about my teaching style I recommend watching my series, Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac. I recommend jumping in early because the series show the progression of Jac over a year. The most dramatic changes happen in the first few episodes and then the training levels out. I made the series because I wanted to let people see the complete process more clearly. You can see Jac dragging me around the arena in the beginning, first saddling, first trip to the vet, time off due to injury, first time going to the show, and much much more. I am well known for my show horses but most of what I do happens at home. This series is a behind the scenes view of the training process.


4) DVDs & Book Learning option $20-$300 

If you have gone through the steps above and you want a more targeted learning option check out what we have to offer with our DVD’s and Smart Start Book.

DVD’s are a great way to continue your education. 
I recommend comparing the cost/value of a DVD to the cost/value of a riding lesson. The first place to start is with your local riding lesson. How much does a lesson cost in your area? The average prices around the country tend to range between $30-$90 per hour depending on the area and situation. Without a doubt the best learning environment for you and your horse is under the educated eye of an expert who can assess both you and your horse personally. I always recommend finding a local pro that you can ride with.
The great thing about a DVD is that you can watch it again and again. I always suggest that you should watch the video normally the first time but the second time you should mute the TV. By removing the audio you will automatically change the way that you watch the interaction between the horse and the handler on the video. Then, when you are ready, you should go to the barn and implement something you learned. Then watch the DVD (or that section) again and see if you pick up any additional information after your hands on session. If possible record your session and compare it to what you see on the DVD.
If used in this method, DVD’s can easily pay for themselves many times over. Picking up even one useful tip per riding lesson makes it worth it…and the same goes for watching that DVD.

5) Phone coaching/mentoring $300 per hour

Coming soon…

This is being offered as a support system to the free online tools and DVD’s. Often people will have places where they feel stuck and they want to ask a question. Participants will submit videos and questions prior to the call to illustrate the issue they are having.

For years Stacy has privately coached clients on a variety of subjects including careers in the horse industry, growing a horse training business, facing challenges with clients, finding and selecting a local trainer/instructor to ride with, creating a successful show schedule, training issues with horses and many more subjects.

In 2018 she will be offering this unique opportunity to a few more people. For more information or to express an interest in speaking with Stacy on a specific subject please email


6) Clinics at Westfall’s home- $1,800 and up

At Westfall Horsemanship, our unique ability to take horse from the first ride to high level competition demonstrates our full view of a horses training. Our success in multiple disciplines shows a solid understanding of methods that produce longevity and versatility. This, combined with our ability to teach and explain, is what makes our clinics unique. We can explain the full process, identify where you are stuck and give you exercises to advance you and your horse.  We welcome people who have been learning for years as well as those who are newer. Our only request is that you come with an open mind, lots of questions and a desire to advance.

What I want you to know about our clinics

  1. We have an incredibly low teacher to student ratio of 1:2, one teacher for every two students
  2. Both teachers are high level instructors of their own accord
  3. We offer a limited number of clinics for students that want to advance
  4. We recommend that you have studied at minimum the Basic Groundwork and Basic Body Control DVDs prior to your arrival. Additional DVD’s will help you to understand the basic principals and language that will be used. Although not required for the Foundation Clinic, the more you advance yourself at home the more you benefit you will harvest from attending the clinic.

Recommended order of information:

  1. Sign up for free weekly email
  2. Watch several YouTube videos from Stacy’ YouTube Channel
  3. Watch Basic Groundwork and Basic Body Control DVDs
    1. Write down exercises and try them with your horse
      1. perfect circles with inside rein only, spiral in – spiral out, 4 leaf clover at all three gaits
    2. If you find yourself with questions, consider signing up for a Foundation Clinic
      1. this may be true if the exercises and techniques are new to you
      2. this may be true if the horse you are now using is greener
      3. this may be true if you are unfamiliar with all of these techniques
    3. If you can easily do all of the exercises shown, consider signing up for our advanced series
      1. You will be required to submit a video demonstrating these exercises to be accepted into the Advancing with Excellence clinic. These will include: perfect circles with inside rein only, spiral in – spiral out, 4 leaf clover at all three gaits

To learn more please join our clinic email list by filling out the form below.

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Online Workshops

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