We attended our first horse show of the year last weekend in Springfield, Ohio. While walking around I got thinking about my favorite reasons for attending horse shows. As I formulated my own ideas I also began asking other people what they liked about going to shows.

Why do you like going to horse shows

These were some of the answers;

  1. the horses; preparing and taking the test, showing, the competition
  2. the horse people; hanging out with other people who love horses observing and learning
  3. vacation; away from home, no cooking or cleaning the house, traveling places

For years I didn’t like showing because I thought it was all about winning or losing. I became a believer in showing when I began to see the benefits of having a goal; my riding improved, my signals became more refined which translated into better communication with my horses. I learned how to use training cycles because of going to horse shows.

In addition to the horses, relationships with people were developed and it added a whole new level of enjoyment to the shows. This thought was confirmed in a recent conversation with a lady who is going to a show this weekend…without her horse. He isn’t ready but she still craves the atmosphere.

What do you like about going to shows?