A comment/question after Episode 25:


Thanks for a great video.  Two questions…  Why don’t you use your outside rein on Jac’s neck to help guide him over in the spin?  Also generally what is a reasonable amount of time to expect a horse to progress from this stage to a “show quality” spin?

-Ingrid L.”

Ingrid- Eventually I will use the outside rein to ‘ask’ Jac to turn. Right now it is pointless because it doesn’t mean anything to him. First I will teach him using the direct (inside) rein because I can get Jac in a better frame.

Many times when people use the outside rein they forget it is for ‘asking’ not for ‘telling’. The problem this causes is that when people pull harder on the outside rein they cause the frame to change. Do you see how there is a curve to Jac’s body? That would be reduced if I used the outside rein. Later I will ask him to be straight at times, or even counter-bend in the spin, and I will use my outside rein for both of these. Early on I want the bend.

The outside hand will eventually request that Jac spins…but it will not ‘make’ him spin. That is the job of the inside rein and outside leg.

So to keep things simple in the beginning I leave out the outside rein. He will catch on very quickly to what that means after he fully understands the inside rein/outside leg combination alone.

Watch the change in Jac’s spin during these three episodes, which reflects eighteen hours of training on and off camera.

Training Training Time: 40 hours 30 minutes

Total Training Time: 42 hours 50 minutes

Total Training Time: 58 hours 30 minutes