My sister in law has been on Pinterest from the start and alway comes to family parties with the best stuff. My stance has been to avoid the website because I knew I would be in trouble if I ever went there….but I finally did. And our house looks like it! But before I get around to showing my home photos I want to share these cookies that my family made…after I found it on Pinterest.

Our first attempt at 'melting snowmen' cookies.

Our first attempt at ‘melting snowmen’ cookies.

Snowman is scared!

Snowman is scared! These snowmen look as good being eatten as they do on the plate!

After the first bite...

Where yellow snow comes from....

Where yellow snow comes from….While we were making our second batch of these cookies one of my sons said ‘We should use some ‘yellow’ snow’ and the idea for this guy was born.

An army of melting snowman.

An army of melting snowman.

Here is the link to the website that had all of the instructions Melted Snowman Cookies by TrulyCustomCakery