Do horses colic more in the winter? Do horses drink less water in the winter?horses and cold water

Fact or Myth:  Horses need less water in the winter.


Horses at maintenance require a minimum 8-10 gallons of water per day regardless of temperature.

Horses tend to drink less water as the temperatures decrease because of the water temperature.

Horses prefer that water be 45-65 degrees F.

The use of heated water buckets or water heaters will prevent the formation of ice and keep the water temperature above freezing.

Fact or Myth: The incidence of impaction colic increases in the winter.


With the increased intake of hay, the incidence of colic does increase in the winter if horses are not consuming adequate water on a daily basis.

Owners can encourage the consumption of water by adding electrolytes to water, providing soaked beet pulp or soaked hay cubes, or adding water to grain.

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Have you ever noticed a decrease in the amount of water your horse drinks in the winter? Have you ever had one colic?

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