I clearly need to tell my story sometime…from the beginning.

Jesse Westfall was Congress Reserve Champion the same day our youngest son was born.

Would it surprise you to know:

  • I grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet daily.
  • I attended two clinics and took less than 20 lessons before attending a college.
  • The first 5 years of our marriage we made less than $20,000 per year (while working 14-16 hour days ‘real jobs’ and horses).
  • We had 3 kids in the first four years of our marriage.
  • We received food stamps early in our marriage.
  • We trained & showed other peoples horses because we couldn’t afford to train & show our own.

Would it surprise you to know:

  • We started training horses by renting stalls at a boarding barn while both working full time jobs.
  • We worked the ‘horse job’ as a side job for six years before it became a ‘real job.’
  • Before becoming ‘famous’ my husband and I had a waiting list for horses to come into training…due to our reputation locally. 
  • When we stopped training horses we had a 2 year waiting list!
  • There is still a demand that is not filled for horse trainers who have compassion, honesty and ability.

I have a desire to help people get started in the equine industry. I have connections to find information and to share it with you. I need to hear your stories so I can know how to best help. If you are someone with an interest in getting started or improving your horse career then please, tell me your struggles. I’ve probably been there. 

If you know someone who would benefit from this please share so they can get involved. There is still room in this industry! It is possible…not easy…but possible!

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