When I saw this quote I thought about photographing a mini with horses. Although that would have worked, I felt lead to have the photograph include people. You all laugh because I am different. I laugh because you are all the same.

Many times it is uncomfortable to feel ‘different’ when in reality we are all unique…like it or not.

Sometimes being ‘different’ is a choice….like driving a mini to school to pick up your child in the car-line.

Other times being different is not wearing the ‘right’ clothes or saying the ‘right’ things when you are with people.


The more that I looked at the quote the more I realized that two words in it were problematic; ‘different’ and ‘laugh’.

In car line this day people were laughing…but it was good laughter, they were enjoying the differences.

Other times laughter is hurtful, aimed to make people feel unworthy.


I almost threw the whole photo and quote out by the time I was done analyzing it. Then I thought…why not explain my issues with it and enjoy reading your responses:)