Your body will quite a thousand times before your body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It is a cross country shirt but I think it applies to life. Many times we don’t achieve because our brain stops us far before outside circumstances, other people or our bodies.

To me feeling fear and doing it anyway means…if you can identify the fear, understand where it is coming from and recognize if it is validΒ or invalid, then you can decide if you should ‘do it anyway.’

If the fear is valid….don’t push through it. If you don’t understand it...don’t push through it.

For example, if your horse has bucked you off…but you don’t understand why; don’t push through it. Get help.

On the other hand, if you have a fear of heights (like I do) and you go rock climbing, it is possible to identify the Β fear. Then I can choose to trust the harness, the rope and the person belaying me (holding my safety rope). Fear identified, understood…now the rest is up to me. Can I feel the fear? Yes! Can I do it anyway? Yes!

Caleb rock climbingPictured top: My son Joshua. Pictured on rock: My son Caleb. Pictured below: Me overcoming my fear! I went up that same rock Caleb did (I’m the photographer…so not as many photos of me, lol)

Stacy rock climbing