Your brain power is needed! Please add your comments on the pros and cons of owning an RV.

Should we buy an RV?

Should we buy an RV?

With all the moving around we are doing after selling our house most people are surprised that we don’t have some kind of RV. But we don’t. At least not yet.

The idea of an RV is tempting though. Not so tempting is the COST! Realistically we would be spending some of the money we have set aside for buying our next home.

I keep trying to weigh the pros and cons but I have never owned an RV before so I am just guessing. Here are some of my thoughts but PLEASE leave your experience, suggestions, thoughts, Pros and Cons. Maybe you even think one of my ‘cons’ should be a pro…tell me why.


  • lifestyle
  • convenience
  • encourages time outside
  • can camp with the horses
  • can stop anywhere we want


  • cost
  • maintenance
  • small living space
  • need to go to laundry mat
  • small holding tanks…there are five of us
  • holding tanks at all (the guys are going to have to do this)